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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 21, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, demanding answers, that meeting at the white house, the head of the secret service summoned to talk with the president. new details about what was said. will any of those agents keep their jobs this? getting out as george zimmerman prepares to leave the florida jail. more on that image. what does the image show and the three moments inside that courtroom that could now define this case. the veep stakes, was it a freudian slip? mitt romney tied with the president in the poles. what does the running mate say. and risky business. bill weir takes us into the wild with the team risking their lives to save the elephants. tonight we put you right in the driver's seat.
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good evening, great to have you here on this saturday night, and we begin tonights, with more secrets from the secret service scandal now spilling out. it was one week ago, believe it or not the scandal broke out in colombia. and tonight we're learning more about the meeting at the white house. the president summoning the head of the secret service demanding answers. tonight hear what we know about the president's reaction inside that meeting. will other agents involved keep their jobs? ultimately will the head of the secret service be ousted as pressure mounts for a wider investigation. david kerley leads us off from the white house. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, for a president seeking re-election, this has been a week of having his message obliterated by the secret service scandal. the president wants answers and soon. secret service director mark sullivan was summoned to the white house by the president for a face-to-face meeting. sources say it's an opportunity
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for the president to get an update on the investigation, rather than an evaluation of the director but the president is not happy as he made clear might be the case when this scandal broke. >> if it turns out that some of the allegations have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. >> reporter: the confirmation to the allegations of heavy drinking and argument with a prostitute over payment came with the dismissal of six agents. the investigation of six others has cleared one agent of the most serious allegations. >> the rest of the crew totally went of over the line in terms of secret service conduct. >> reporter: and the military is investigating 11 of its own as well. this scandal went from bad to worse when one of the dismissed supervisors was identified and it was discovered david cheney posted a picture of himself behind then vice presidential candidate, sarah palin, saying,
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quote, i was really checking her out if, you know what i mean. should the secret service have known? >> it bothers me that it was posted. i don't think you can expect director sullivan to check everything posted on every page. >> reporter: another dismissed supervisor, greg stokes plans to fight and will reportedly go public next week which will likely inflame this scandal. >> there's a sense of urgency that the the white house that the secret service complete the investigation without cutting any corners. as of tonight the president does support the director of the secret service. david. >> david kerley in washington. thanks. we turn now to the suspense building for the all important question for mitt romney. who will he choose for his running mate. there's one big focus on former senator marco rubio. as you know, romney and rubio are going to campaign together monday. one of the key battleground states, pennsylvania. this was set up before the primary was all but over. but it was what rubio said
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during an interview that is really stoking speculation tonight. i want to get your reaction. >> three, four, five, six, seven years ago, if i do as good job as vice president -- i'm sorry -- >> you guys all got that, right? you got that, right? >> as a senator. >> if i do a good job as a senator instead of vice president, i'll have a chance to do all sorts of things. >> well, john, is the cat out of the bag? >> reporter: yeah, the great thing about that, david, in the very same interview, just before that, he said if he were offered the job of being mitt romney's running mate, that he would turn it down. what that shows he's been thinking a lot about this and also explains which why nobody believes marco rubio when he said he won't take the job. turning down a hypothetical offer is a lot different than turning down a real offer. >> jon karl playing the role of psycho analyst as well tonight. i want to ask you about another name making headlines, former governor jeb bush. also asked what he would say if asked to be the presidential
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candidate. here's what he said. >> i will consider it, but i doubt i'll get a call and i don't know if it's the right thing for me to do. i didn't run for president for similar kind of reasons. >> call me crazy but that's not a no. >> it was, i would consider it. that made huge waves. look, look at florida, jeb bush is actually more popular in some polls than marco rubio in florida. he has the executive experience. he could be press. a lot of people will be looking at jeb bush. he's trying to do damage control. he put out an e-mail today saying he's not going to be the veep nominee. he said put it to rest. >> all right. you'll be watching it all. jon karl. thank you. >> and george stephanopoulos will have much more reading between the lines first thing in the morning on "this week" and the powerhouse "roundtable" and tomorrow morning includes keith olbermann.
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we move on. special counsel, charles colson has died. with tremendous power, earning a reputation as master of dirty tricks. he ran the committee to re-election the president but was committed of crimes before the watergate burglary even happened. he continued his work as a powerful evangelical. he worked with inmates, calling time behind jail a great blessing. he was 83. now to florida as george zimmerman is about to walk out. he was granted bail. he apologized to trayvon martin's parents. it was not well received. there was this, that photo first obtained by abc news, said to show a wounded zimmerman on the night of the shooting. matt gutman with that image and three moments in that courtroom that could now define this case. >> reporter: it was a stunning admission about the top investigator about that fight. >> do you know who started the
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fight? >> do i know? >> yes. >> no. >> do you have any evidence to show who may have started the fight? >> no. >> challenging the prosecution's case that zimmerman was the aggressor and it could give the defense an advantage. >> that was supposed to be one of those key things and it just fell apart yesterday. >> reporter: then this moment. >> have you asked them for them? >> reporter: another possible score for them. zimmerman's attorney offering medical proof of his clients injuries, highlighted by this image, obtained exclusively by abc news, showing what the photographer says was the bloody back of zimmerman's head. >> and that will be very, very important for the defense and that picture will be critical. >> and this, the apology, zimmerman shackled in a bulletproof vest shuffling to the stand to direct his statement to martin's parents. >> i wanted to say i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was, i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> reporter: martin's family called it disingenuous, but
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analysts say it should be damaging to the defense. >> if you're asserting defense. you would want to say, i thought he had a weapon. i thought he was taking a weapon out. i thought he was reaching for my weapon. it is something that could haunt the defense. >> we're told zimmerman could walk out of jail at any moment although there's some issue with the gps ankle bracelet. in that case, he has to spend the weekend and won't be out until the earliest, monday. david. >> matt gutman on the case tonight, matt, thank you. back here in new york. new developments in the search for traces of that little boy. 33 year after he disappeared on his walk to the school bus. the case of etan patz changed the way we search for missing children here. and tonight, the father speaks about the decision to let his boy walk, the first time he walked to the bus alone.
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here's t.j. winick. for the third day in a row. fbi investigators carried pieces of the basement floor in lower manhattan. what they are opening to unearth, the remains of etan patz. who vanished on the way to school 33 years ago. for years they considered jose ramos their suspect. but detectives are also now focused on this man, a neighbor and handy man who worked out of that basement where he reportedly employed ramos. miller came under suspicion while the facts are the case were being re-examed. he befriended etan. and give him a dollar in that work shot the night before he disappeared. investigators hope to take advantage of a whole host of tools they didn't have back in 1979. those include luminol, a chemical that helps locate traces of blood. sophisticated x-ray equipment that can see through dogs. and cadaver dogs. in fact it was kay lines that
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indicated the cescent of human remains in that basement. >> everyone thinks it's csi. >> it was a similar time. and for months, etan pressed his pants to let them walk to the school bus on their own. it was a short distance to the boy's apartment. the boy's father discussed that fateful decision with abc news just two years ago. >> it was very familiar territory, this was a very safe neighborhood. when do you let them out of your sight, when they're 21? >> reporter: back here in soho, now that the concrete floor has been removed. investigators are expected to dig down between four and six feet. they think it will take another couple of days. david. >> the east coast bracing for a severe storm winding up and taking aim. the storm leaving its mark in the south. some forecasters calling it a so'easter. it's already hitting florida with heavy rain bringing dangerous winds and rain to the north. sometime tomorrow and into monday, we're told. >> now to a lawsuit against one
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of the big banks on wall street aiming to put muscle behind an historic thumb's down over ceo pay. shareholders for the first time voting down ceo pay at citi group. the vote come as new figures say where the wealth is growing in this country. look at this. last three year, earnings already at the top. those who earn 90% of the pay out there already. it rose 9%. not if these investors have any say. one is a group of nuns that say they want accountability. big question tonight. will citigroup listen? >> reporter: shareholders said no way. voting down the salary that citigroup gave its ceo for its work this past year, $14.9 million, and retention pay, $10 million, extra money to keep him from going elsewhere. after the finance collapse that brought about a recession and bailout of the banks, shareholders are now allowed to
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have a vote. they spoke up all right. the question, will it matter. vote intended to put pressure on the bank. but is not legally binding. >> this has only been in place since the financial crisis. it's a new thing for the shareholders, they are really getting used to the power that they have. >> a voice. will citigroup listen to them? >> among the shareholders, a group of nuns. we've seen their strength portrayed on the big screen keeping higher-ups honest, but that story line is playing out right now. the sisters of charity of st. elizabeth want accountability with that pay. barb fr barb /* airs is one of those nuns. >> it's a message to the board of directors of citi. it's not a personal thing against mr. pandit, but performance must count. rallies around the country against the 1% is a clear sign that people are saying somebody has to tend to this. >> well, the chairman of citigroup is now calling the
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vote a, quote, serious matter and said the board will meet with shareholders to discuss their concerns, no word they'll ask the ceo to give back that pay. >> tonight another group of billionaires are planning their next adventure, hoping to strike gold not on wall street but in space. the guys from google are teaming up with james cameron to become space invaders and this is no fiction. >> in "avatar," humans mined the planet pandora for a rare gray precious mineral. >> this little gray rock. >> reporter: now they may make that sci-fi fantasy a reality. he and eric schmidt have formed what they are calling space stardom. planetary resources incorporated. their mission still a bit of a
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mystery. they promise to combine space exploration and natural resources to add trillions of dollars to the global gdb. the buzz is that the project is asteroid mining. >> they're part crazy and part genius, but bottom line they're rich. >> reporter: it contains minute untold wealth, minerals and compounds that may not even exist on earth and could power the future. but they're scattered throughout the solar system. but how to mine them? asteroids whiz by earth every few year, one theory deflect one so that it essentially becomes a roving, reachable destination. then let the drilling begin. >> why not allow deep pockets. people with lots of money and resources to help rejuvenate the space program and inspire a new generation on young scientists. >> the cost would rocket well beyond that of any moon landing. this group has the means and minds to make it happen. yunji de nies, abc news, atlanta.
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>> still ahead, the eagle eye passenger aboard a cruise, what she saw on the water was so alarming, she alerted the crew. but tonight she said she was ignored and asks did it cost lives? "world news" has answers. and we put you right in the driver's seat. the team putting their lives on the line to save the elephants charging right at them. did you know when heartburn, it's too late to take prilosec because... but it's but zantac® works differently. it relieves heartburn in as little as 30 minutes. in fact, so, when heartburn strikes, try zantac® this has been medifacts for zantac®
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"world news" getting answers after new questions for a major cruise liner after a passenger with an eagle eye alerted the crew that she saw something troubling at sea. it turns out she was right. but did anyone listen? here's david wright. >> reporter: she's an oregon bird watcher whose eagle eyes could have saved lives, if only the crew of the "star princess" had listened. >> it's really frustrating those young men were at sea two more weeks and that two of them died. >> reporter: march 10th. judy meredith were watching from the cruise ship when they spotted a small boat off the coast of costa rica. >> i could see a small person at the front of the boat, waving a shirt vigorously, frantically. we took it to be a signal of distress. >> reporter: she summoned a crew member who alerted the bridge.
6:49 pm
the "princess" stayed its course. >> nothing happened. >> reporter: weeks later she saw a bbc story. >> a teenager from panama revealed how he survived. >> reporter: an 18-year-old fisherman adrift for 28 days. his two friends had died. he was the sole survivor. >> i saw the little boat, i knew, i just knew. >> reporter: princess cruise lines, part of the same country that owns the "costa concordia" now faces another potentially criminal scandal. >> it doesn't look good for the company. >> reporter: first she was sent an e-mail to suggesting she saw a different boat. >> it's a totally different boat than the one you saw. >> reporter: the company blamed a breakdown in communication. neither captain perrin nor the officer of the watch were notified. princess insisted. had the captain received this information, he would have had the opportunity to respond. >> what happened was illegal. they break the law if they don't respond to a report of an emergency.
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>> reporter: a tragedy that might have been averted if the cruise liner had taken the bird watchers seriously. david wright abc news los angeles. >> david wright on the case. when we come back, the target ad being targeted tonight. can you see what's wrong with this picture? be able to continue singing. i saw my dentist and he suggested biotene. it feels refreshing. my mouth felt more lubricated. i use the biotene rinse twice a day and then i use the spray throughout the day. it actually saved my career in a way. because biotene really did make a difference.
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we took note queen elizabeth turns 86 today. tonight we urn earth other birthdays the day she turned 18. right there in 1944. her 42nd birthday with her husband and children. and next photo in 1968. then the 60th birthday at the opera. right there. tiara and all. the queen went to the race today. no word if there were any royal bets. a rare piece of baseball making history. a honus wagner card fr1929, selling at auction for $2 million. now the target ad, the dad modeling workout clothes has one hand for his daughter, one on the side and the third on his wife's shoulder. apparently they photo shopped the hand in not realizing there were already two of them. when we come back here
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camera is national gee graphic photographer, bob poole and the big female he calls one tusk. and moments like this make up the bravest and craziest conservation efforts anywhere. >> elephants are weary of people. matriarch the leader will come out and physically confront you. >> it's an attempt to find the world's biggest suffererers of post traumatic stress. survivors of a civil war that killed 95% of their elephants. >> they watched their entire family gunned down and killed. >> it's true an elephant never forgets. >> that's true, elephants never forget. >> reporter: but to rebuild and survive, the people desperately need tourists to feel safe here. first they have to win the hearts and minds of these damaged creatures. >> they decided that the only way to convince these creatures that the war is over and they're safe, is to get close and stay calm. >> she's still thinking about it.
6:58 pm
look at her there. okay, she's coming. she's serious. okay, girl. >> they held their ground. charge after charge. since starting the experiment, they've seen moments of exhilarating success. but setbacks can be severe. the day before we arrived an angry female rammed his truck so hard it blew out a tire and pinned him against a tree until a warning shot from a park ranger scared her away. >> she stood right here and just went bam, she head-butted the car. >> want another chance to win her over? >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> you're a brave dude, bob. >> maybe these siblings, alley elephant social workers, maybe they're on to something. >> our thanks to bill weir. it premieres tomorrow night on natgeo wild. >> "good morning america" and "this week" first thing in the morning. i'll see you tomorrow. good night. ♪
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